Mission Statement

  • To abide by Islamic rules and ways
  • To earnestly back up our Business alliance
  • To support our Employees through better Career opportunity
  • To fulfill our customer’s desire for quality product worth their price
  • To resolute technological approach of innovation
  • To establish a leading sustainable energy for Businesses

About Us

Quantum Mechanics (Pvt) Ltd.

  • Quantum Mechanics (Pvt) Ltd. is a Multi-Business Company specializing in LPG Solution, Solar Solution, Designing, Fabrication, Training and Consultancy including the energy management solutions. It was formed by the professionals of Energy management, Marketing and Engineering Design experts. The company is a part of Quantum Energy that has the experience in solar energy more than ten years. World’s environment future is on stake due to rapid depletion of natural resources, scarcity of water, diminishing fossil fuels and roaring energy demand. Quantum Mechanics is one of the best service and solution provider with collaboration with Quantum Energy and United Metamorphosis Technologies. Quantum Mechanics offers only Tier 1 A-Grade solar panels with high efficiency and maximum yield of solar electricity. Tier 1 A-Grade solar panels have been designed for projects where objective is to obtain maximum advantage of solar radiations to reduce electricity bill.
  • Quantum Mechanics provides the consultancy of Net-Metering, installation of on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar systems with linear warranty of 25 years of solar panels. Our DC system is for remote areas where grid is not available. DC solar system helps to enlighten the life of people living without the facility of electricity.
  • We at Quantum Mechanics install solar water pumps ranging from one HP to 40 HP according to the head and requirement of water to irrigate the land for crops. Quantum Mechanics services are available in all over Pakistan with strong distribution network.
  • After sales service is the strength of Quantum Mechanics. Our professional and well-trained staff provides the services at doorstep all over Pakistan.

Electro-Medical Division (Product and services spectrum)

The basic aim of this division is to market world renowned electro-medical appliances to various market segments dealing in health sector and to provide constancy services so as to make it easy for the health sector clients to make decisions for the purchase of right equipment for their hospitals, health organizations both in the pubic and private sectors. We basically first of all try to recognize the basic issue of the right machine to be installed at the right place because we have a team of highly recognized professionals who cater for the need of the client by first of all accessing and making feasibility w.r.t the right product and service. The basic aim of this division is not to only sell the product but to guide about the pros and cons of the need of the client and adjustment of the need w.r.t the right product.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development w.r.t health services is the core issue of any health organization and so requires a complete advisory service for making the project successful. Our electro-medical division having a team of professionals do have the capability to provide such services in order to make the project of the health organization a successful project. We not only provide services but also have a warehouse in which products are stored ex-stock to make the deficiency of the electro-medical equipment null and void in order to keep the organizational deficiency at zero. This not only provides confidence to our ultimate client but also provides a sense of confidence to the client that the product and the services their spares are available at 11th hour of need thus making the whole system a success.

After-sales services department

Our after-sales services department is well equipped with spares and have qualified bio-medical engineering staff duly recognized by PEC to cater for the after-sales services of the client. These services can be availed around the clock thus paving the way for the smooth operation of the systems being sold by Quantum Mechanics.

Consultancy Services

Quantum Mechanics also provide consultancy services w.r.t development and running of infrastructure in health services keeping in view the basic requirement of such organizations.

Consultation, System Design

and Paperwork is required to design optimum solution

Installation and Interconnection

Optimum Designing, Inspection and connection to utility

Produce Energy and Enjoy your Savings!

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