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SNG (LPG Air Mix) Services as Backup to Natural Gas for Industries

We are providing SNG (LPG Air Mix) services to industries for backup and base load application, and to Natural Gas utilities for town gas and peak shaving purpose.

Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) is the resulting gas when LPG vapor is mixed with air. With the proper mixture, the resulting SNG offers the same characteristics similar to that of Natural Gas. We are aware of the prevaling energy crisis and experienced that LPG is an immediate substitute for Natural Gas and can act as a bridge fuel at the time of the Natural Gas curtailments to Industrial sector. Supply of LPG in the form of LPG Air Mix having Wobbe Index (the fuel convertibility factor) equivalent to Natural Gas, and is made to use in place of Natural Gas without any alternation in the existing system.

There are three cases where SNG may be considered: Peak Shaving, Base-Load, and Standby.

  • Peak Shaving Systems (Industrial and Utility Application) – the SNG systems are installed to complement the available natural gas supply. May be used by both industrial companies and utilities. The systems are used to supplement the available natural gas supply during period of high demand.
  • Base-Load Systems (Town Gas) – the SNG systems serve as the primary fuel source in locations where natural gas is not available. This can be a bridging situation, where natural gas will be available at a later date, but the need for gas is immediate. The Base-Load System can be converted to a standby system at a later date.
  • Standby Systems (Industrial Application) – the SNG system is used to ensure that a continuous source of gas is available. These systems are installed in locations where interruption of the gas supply is likely or for applications where a constant source of gas is critical, and where natural gas supply or infrastructure isn’t reliable and/or constantly available.
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